Professional PR services for Corporates and Professionals

Sharp Public Relations offers the following professional PR services to Corporates and Professionals.

Public Relations

PR Services

We carve out the distinct identities for the companies and organisations by giving out an engaging messages to the right audience, through right media, with skillful execution to give out the desired results for our clients. more

Crisis Management and Response
Prevention of severe damage caused to the business due to the incidents which can be deliberate or accidental is what we are specialised for. We help you prepare and respond for all crisis both foreseen and unforeseen circumstances that can put the reputation of you business at stake.

Corporate Communication Managing relationships with the organisation's stakeholders inorder to improve the reputation is very important. Our specialities includes speeches, newsletter, electronic media etc.

Influencer Relations Influencing the customer, stakeholders and media is considered the most important strategy in the every industry. We have elites working as our analysts and PR professionals who work as “influencers” facilitating communication.

Media relations We have contacts serving over various media. We organise press meets, interviews etc., to increase the credibility of the company by maximising the coverage in mass media.

Product PR Positive publicity for your product is necessary for wide coverage. A stratergic communication plan is necessary for the company/product to make it to competitive edge. We help you publicize the product by creating ads which can be used in all media platforms.

Message and Story Development We tailor you the core messages of the products that are essential for promoting your product in various forms of media and even for corporate presentations.

Event Management We orchestrate your events in your style. We match our services to your needs and help you Corporate Communication.

Press Kit Collation and Development We also develop press kit that consists of press releases, photos, illustrations, presentations for media consumption – according to the needs of the client.

News Tracking

News Tracking

A full spectrum of media analysis tools are provided to our clients. We follow dailies, periodicals, TV channels and social media tools in English and major national languages, that reach nook and corner of the country. Due to our experience with vast client base, we should be able to provide services to all kinds of customers professionally.

Event Management

Event Management

Organising event is one effectiveness of the powerful way to market your product and garner attention from media to various other platforms customers. Corporate Events like seminars, conferences, trade fairs can be organised.We also offer Integrated campaign which combines more than one of our services together to fit your need. more

Design of event themes
We come up with themes that are ideal the market. We orchestrate the event as our per our client's requirements right from lining up of speakers to media coverage.

Promo Materials
We design the promotional materials like brochures, logos, backdrops, hoardings etc., to reach your audience.

Speakers line-up and hosting
We help the companies identify speakers internally as well as outsiders. We initiate communication with the speakers on behalf of the customers and dedicate a speaker to host on behalf of all the speakers to take care of their information, travel and accommodation needs.

Hospitality Serives
We have tied-up with the best infrastructure providers for the events like hotels in major cities in India, to book the right venue and other arrangements like food and refreshments etc.

Travel Arrangements
We take care of all kinds of transport arrangements and modes of transport for the speakers, media professionals, participants etc., with the help of the travel agents.

Press Releases
Press Releases for both pre and post event promotions are provided by us with all relevant informations and materials along with press kits, press pass, photos etc., that are necessary for the media professionals.

Participants Kits
All registered participants are given kits that would come with venue maps to program agendas etc.

Guest Relations
Special needs for the guests are taken care off during events. We assure you that the guest have invaluable experience through out the program.

Venue Decoration
Based on the event theme, the venue is designed and decorated. Backdrops, table decors, seating arrangements, registry/pass, screens are included in this list.

Audio and Video Arrangements
Quality Audio and Video equipments are provided. All kinds of technical assistance are provided to make your event a grand success.

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